Christ calls every member of the church into ministry.

The church is “A kingdom of priests” ~ I Peter 2:9

As an usher, you are a minister of hospitality and caring in the church.

Who We Are

 God supplies each person in the church with resources for ministry – scripture, spiritual power, God’s character, and spiritual gifts. These spiritual gifts are special abilities given by the Holy Spirit to make their ministry effective and build-up the Body of Christ.

Those who worship with us ~ members and visitors ~ may be burdened, sad or even discouraged.  Their hope is the worship service will be uplifting and inspirational, a time of renewal and celebration.  Our ushers cheerfully greet worshippers to ensure they feel welcome and at ease.

Each usher plays a major role in ensuring everyone they encounter experiences the love of the church.  The ministry of ushering is one of the most crucial because it’s one of the most visible in the church.