It’s true! Great marriages don’t just happen. God intends for this purposely divined AND ordained relationship to thrive–not just survive. But we often need help along the way.

               New St. Philip’s Marriage Ministry is here to provide the biblical resources couples need to resolve interpersonal issues, or to restore and revive a struggling marriage. Here at New St. Philip, we believe we should be a church that helps encourage and equip others in marriage through our biblical studies, intereactive activies, and through spiritual growth and wisdom.

               Let’s face it, whether you are committed, engaged, newly weds, or have been married for decades – it’s always wise to have support. We are so thankful for you to participate in our Marriage Ministry.

               Our meetings and activity dates will be announced during 11am worship service and posted here on the website as soon as it is available. Thank you in advance for your participation. God Bless!