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New St Philip MBC (NSP) values every child that enters into its doors and every child within the community.  The church is focused on teaching and guiding our newest generation and soon to be successors of the future. Throughout the year, New St Philip MBC hosts a number of events that are focused specifically for our children.  These events are learning and entertaining experiences for our children both spiritually and socially.

The Youth Ministry at New St Philip MBC offers multiple levels of curriculum, which allow children to have a more individualized learning environment.  Boys and girls learn God’s truth and how it applies to their daily lives. Our Youth Ministry’s goals are to influence children positively to make wise choices and actions with God in mind.  Our loving mentors and teachers utilize creative techniques, which allow children to understand and to apply sound Biblical teachings at home, at church, at school, and at play.  The Youth Ministry at New St Philip MBC gives students the opportunity to take their faith to the “next level” by helping bridge the gap between culture, faith, and growing up.

Lastly, the Children’s Ministry provides all of this learning, sharing and fun in a safe environment that allows parents to relax, to feel comfortable, and to focus on the word of God from our wonderful Pastor J. DeWitt Clark, M.DIV.

NSP Youth Center Registration Form



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Throughout your youth’s registration, the youth may be highlighted in efforts to promote New St. Philip M.B.C. activities and achievements. To confirm your parental/ guardian consent, complete the statement below.
I, as the parent or guardian of  Child listed above I, hereby give New St. Philip M.B.C. and its representatives permission to print, photograph, and record my youth for use of audio and video for the use of New St. Philip M.B.C. church activities and media production.

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